South Asia Procurement Innovation Awards 2016.

The key objective of these Awards is to enhance learning and knowledge sharing from innovative approaches adapted by Procurement entities and systems across the South Asia region. Institutions that submitted Case Studies for these awards include Government and public sector procurement organizations, entities, universities, research institutions, NGOs/CBOs etc.

The winners of South Asia Procurement Innovation Awards 2016 are:

South Asia Procurement Innovation Awards 2016

AfghanistanInnovation ID: SAPI170041
AfghanistanInnovation ID: SAPI170019
BangladeshInnovation ID: SAPI170036
BhutanInnovation ID: SAPI170020
IndiaInnovation ID: SAPI170018
IndiaInnovation ID: SAPI170004
IndiaInnovation ID: SAPI160201
IndiaInnovation ID: SAPI160171
IndiaInnovation ID: SAPI160270
NepalInnovation ID: SAPI160190
PakistanInnovation ID: SAPI170023
SrilankaInnovation ID: SAPI170044