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World Bank New Procurement Framework


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Free CPPP (Certificate Program in Public Procurement) in Arabic, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian besides English


3P Net

World’s first dedicated e-Directory of Public Procurement Professionals


About Procurement iNET

The World’s Largest Integrated Initiative in Public Procurement!

Public Procurement forms a significant portion of any country’s spend. However, capacity building in this field has been lacking. Procurement iNET, short for Information, Networking, Education and Transaction, aspires to become the digital space for public procurement professionals from around the world.

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Information from various procurement entities on policies, procurement data, rules and more


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"Everything e-Procurement"

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Welcome to the world’s largest initiative in capacity building for Public Procurement!

Operating on 4 Dimensions – Information, Networking, Education and Transaction. Be informed with the latest in global news and happenings in public procurement. Network with the who’s who in public procurement around the globe. Learn concepts, methods, procedures & tools; what’s more, get certified. Or even better, pick up a professional diploma! Identify opportunities for consulting or find a new job. All 4 Dimensions on one single platform. Welcome to Procurement iNET!