World Bank Survey of Purchasers of “Commonly Used Item” from Government/Public Sector in India and their Suppliers

The World Bank is the largest multilateral development financial institution with 188 client countries around the World. A large portion of funding provided by the World Bank is used in procurement of goods, works and services. Procurement of Commonly Used Items is a challenge, if these are repeatedly required. Many of the Government Agencies, including the Clients of the World Bank are engaged in procurement of commonly used items. Framework Agreements (FAs) have emerged as potential solution for procurement of commonly used items. The World Bank has initiated a global study to document the experience of using framework agreements to understand their advantages and disadvantages in comparison to non-framework agreement procurement methods.

From India, Government e-Marketplace (GeM) has been selected as an example of Framework Agreement in this study and a survey is being launched to understand experience of both purchasers and suppliers. If you represent either a Purchaser (government agency) or a Supplier, please share your experience through the survey links given below. Please note that individual survey responses will be for internal use of the World Bank and will not be disclosed to third parties. Only aggregated results (without disclosing the identity of respondents) may be used in reports etc.