• Overview: Blockchain is an exciting new technology with the huge potential to disrupt & improve numerous industries. Blockchain technology is attracting interest in a colossal way. It has sparked a lot of questions around what it is, how does it work, and how it will impact procurement & supply chain.

    As an internet-driven model for business, it represents a major leap for consolidation, simplification and streamlining. In a nutshell, Blockchain is a shared ledger that securely holds records of digital transactions. All transactions are accessible and visible to multiple participants in a business network, with the appropriate and verified credentials.

    The blockchain is the groundbreaking technology for which Bitcoin is merely one of the applications.

    "Blockchain won’t wait for you to be ready for it, which means it’s time to brush up on your knowledge and understanding right here, right now!"

    Learning Objectives: The key takeaways from this webinar will be as follows:

    • What is Blockchain?
    • Origin & History of the Blockchain?
    • How does it work?
    • What is a Smart Contract?
    • What are the opportunities?
    • Major innovations in Blockchain
    • Impacts of Blockchain on Procurement & Supply Chain

    Presenter: Krishan K. Batra, President & CEO, ISM-INDIA
    • Format: 45 minutes presentation followed by 15 Minutes Question & Answer Session.
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