Sri Lanka: Ensuring good governance in public procurement- Interview with Mr. P. Algama, Director-General, Public Finance, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of Sri Lanka

Public procurement reform is a priority to the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL). The need to improve Sri Lanka’s public sector governance system in order to achieve long-term economic and social development goals is a more pressing issue now than ever before. Especially with the end of the civil war, which crippled the economic progress of the country for three decades, demand for good governance has become a priority. Civil society, donors, and the international community have put pressure on the new government that came to power in January 2015 with the mandate of providing “Good Governance,” in order to improve the governance system and to accomplish much-needed economic and social development. There is consensus among all groups to help Sri Lanka improve its public sector governance, especially in the area of Public Financial Management.