Assam, India: E-procurement made mandatory for tenders worth Rs 20 lakh and above

All procurements of tenders worth Rs 20 lakhs and above need to be mandatorily issued through e-tendering from December 1, 2016, while the earlier limit was Rs 1 crore. Disclosing the above, an official press release here said that the State’s Finance Department has re-notified Para 4, Para 6 and Para 8 by an Office Memorandum dated November 23, 2016, which stated that all administrative departments of Government of Assam and its subordinate directorates/offices/agencies, etc., (including institutions receiving grants-in-aids from Government of Assam) shall resort to e-procurement ( with effect from December 1, 2016 for all tenders of value of Rs 20 lakh and above.